Bihar Student Credit Card Yojana 2022: Online Registration, Loan Interest Rate, Guidelines, Objectives, Eligibility & Benefits

In a move to provide more financial assistance to students in the state of Bihar, the Indian government has introduced the MNSSBY – Bihar Student Credit Card Yojana. 

This program will provide eligible students with credit cards that can be used for educational expenses. Read on to learn more about this new program and how you may be able to apply for a card.

Bihar Student Credit Card Yojana 2022

Bihar Student Credit Card Yojana 2022
Bihar Student Credit Card Yojana 2022

How To Apply Under MNSSBY – Bihar Student Credit Card 

The best way to apply for a credit card is to fill out an application online. Interested applicants will also need a valid Aadhaar card and bank account in order to complete the application process. 

First, you will need to visit the website of the Department of Financial Services. From there, click on ‘Apply for Credit Card’ under the ‘Banking’ section. From there, you should be able to get all of the information needed to start your application.

Eligibility For MNSSBY – Bihar Student Credit Card 

To be eligible for this card, you need to meet the following criteria:

  1. You must hold an Aadhaar number.
  2. You must be enrolled in a state or central educational institution.
  3. You must have an active bank account.
  4. You must be above 25 ages
  5. You must be a Bihar resident
  6. You must be either an undergraduate or a postgraduate student

Approved Educational Expenses for MNSSBY – Bihar Student Credit Card 

This card is meant to help students pay for higher education expenses. Some approved educational expenses are:

  • Tuition fees
  • Books and uniforms
  • Stationeries (including photocopying)
  • Computer lab or seminar fees
  • Transportation costs (such as bus and railway fees)
  • Hostel fees
  • Fees for any on-campus or off-campus internships
  • Expenses for any on-campus or off-campus research work
  • Medical costs (including medical insurance)
  • Cooperative education fee
  • Fees for any state or national level entrance test preparation
  • Registration fees for any professional body exams
  • Other fees are approved by the government

Documents Required for MNSSBY – Bihar Student Credit Card 

In addition to filling out the online application, applicants will also need to provide photocopies of the following documents:

  • Photo identification (Your parents and candidate)
  • Proof of Aadhaar card of your and your parents
  • Proof of full-time enrolment
  • A letter of recommendation
  • Proof of bank account of your parents and candidate i.e bank Passbook
  • Passport size photo of your parents (2)
  • passport size photo of candidate (5)
  • Caste Certificate, if you belongs to OBC, SC,ST
  • Awasiya of candiate
  • College Bonafide i.e provided by your college

Note- Go with all your original certificate of class 10th, 12th passing mark sheet. All the document should be original, not photocopy.

How To Check Credit Limit MNSSBY – Bihar Student Credit Card 

Once approved, applicants will receive an email within 10 days. This email will include information on how to activate the card. Once activated, you can check your credit limit and available credit from the e-statement section on the official website.

Benefits of MNSSBY – Bihar Student Credit Card 

The government has made it easy for you to apply for a credit card by providing an online application. Benefits of having this card include:

  • A 4% interest rate on educational expenses
  • No minimum balance requirement
  • A credit card that can be used at all locations that accept MasterCard and Maestro
  • A 24×7 assistance helpline
  • The ability to block your card online

MNSSBY helpline Number

There are lot’s of way to contact “MNSSBY” regarding status of your student credit card and one of the easy way is to make phone call. Below is toll free number of

Toll Free Helpline Number : 1800 3456 444

If you are facing issue while calling on this number, then click here to get Manager Phone number list of your district.

MNSSBY subsequent payment

Keep these documents with you before filling the form for subsequent payment:

  1. Email and Password
  2. Demand letter or Marksheet received by the educational institution
  3. Subsequent declaration doc ( download link is given below.)
  4. Registration number

You can download subsequent Declaration Doc by clicking here.

First of all go to the Bihar Student Credit Card portal M N S S B Y. And on the right side you will see the place of Username and Password. You have to fill it as well as you have to fill Captcha as well. Click on login by filling Captcha, after that you will be seeing on the screen like the photo given below. If you are applying from your mobile then set it in Desktop mode.

After that, when you click on the menu, you will be able to see Subsequent Payment written in the menu list itself. You click on it. When you click on it, it will be on your screen as shown below.

Here you have to upload all the documents which are,

  • Demand letter or Marksheet received by the educational institution
  • subsequent declaration doc ( download link is given Above.)
How to check status of Subsequent Payment?

You can check your loan status from

You just need to login on bsefcl Bihar using your registered email and password

Now click on Track Loan Status option and here You can see all the latest update of your loan.

Your Subsequent Payment Request Has Been Rejected

If You are getting such type of Email. Don’t worry. It happened due to not uploading the document properly. Scan your document in proper way and make sure that everything written on document is visible.

Visit your district DRCC office for DRCC loan Process.


MNSSBY – Bihar Student Credit Card is designed to help students in the state of Bihar pay for educational expenses. 

This card comes with a number of benefits, including a low-interest rate and no minimum balance requirement. Applicants can learn more about this card by visiting the official website.

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Yojana बिहार स्टुडेन्ट क्रेडिट कार्ड / स्वयं सहायता भत्ता / कुशल युवा कार्यक्रम (MNSSBY)
Scheme Objective Grant of loan for higher education to students


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